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Buyer Agency



A buyer’s agent represents you, the buyer, during the home buying process. The agent has a fiduciary responsibility to represent only the home buyer’s best interest in all aspects of the home buying transaction.

In addition, the buyer is not responsible for paying the buyer's agent in most cases. The commission collected from the SELLER is generally shared between the buyer's agent and the seller's agent.

Additional services a buyer’s agent will provide you include:

  • Advice about the entire home-buying process
  • ​Showing you the complete inventory of homes that meet your individual needs 
  • ​Knowledge and experience about the areas you are considering 
  • ​Exclusive representation with fiduciary responsibilities 
  • Negotiation for the best agreement on your behalf 
  • Interpretation of information 
  • ​Financing assistance — standard and creative 
  • ​Coordination of inspections 
  • ​Financial accountability — estimate of total costs 
  • ​Seamless coordination of the closing process 
  • ​Assistance with utilities and other details 
  • A long-term relationship for future needs 

Understand why it's important to hire a Buyer's Agent:

Services Provided        Seller's Agent                 Buyer's Agent       
Facilitates Property Showings  Yes  Yes
Explains Homebuying Process  Yes  Yes
Facilitates Closing  Yes  Yes
Discloses Known Material Defects  Yes  Yes
Prepares a Comparative Market Analysis  No  Yes
Keeps Your Financial Situation Confidential  No  Yes
Negotiates the Best Price on Your Behalf  No  Yes
Discloses Adverse Factors Relating to Homes Viewed  No  Yes
Relays Information that Would Enhance Your Buying Position    No  Yes
Maintains Personal Confidentiality  No  Yes
Researches Seller and Property  No  Yes