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Decorate for Appeal



When preparing to sell your home think about how your personal decorating style may affect prospective buyers. You want your home to be clean and clutter-free and as neutral as possible so prospective buyers may visualize how their furnishings will look in your home. And keep in mind, there is a difference in how you live in your home and how it should look when it’s on the market.

  • Since your front entry is your home's first visual impression, you want it to be as inviting as possible. With the help of a plant or a decorative lamp, even the most basic of entries can give a warm and welcoming feeling.
  • Plants and flowers add color and fragrance to any room throughout the home. Floor plants are an excellent way to fill bare spaces by adding height to a room.  
  • Lighting is an inexpensive and effective way to enhance your decorating. A home that's awash with natural sunlight is highly desirable to prospective buyers so raise the shades and turn on the lights.  
  • A fireplace is one of the most impressive architectural assets in a home. If you have one, emphasize it and use it to sell your home! 

The key to effective decorating is knowing how to use available space. Discover your home's assets and make them the focal point of any room. Experiment with different arrangements until you find the one that makes your room look the most spacious and appealing.