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Home Buying Process

  • The Decision to Buy


    Today, home buyers have more choices than ever before. You can choose financing options that are flexible and affordable, home styles that fit a variety of lifestyles and professional services that make the home buying process fast, effective and enjoyable. When you begin the decision-making process of buying your first home, your BOWES Real Estate Real Living Sales Representative can guide you through the pros and cons of renting vs. buying. A simple evaluation can help you decide if you are financially and personally ready to make the investment of homeownership.

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  • Find An Agent


    Once you've made the decision to buy a home, your next step is one of your most important: finding a real estate professional to guide you through the process. A good agent will help you avoid common pitfalls, make wise home investment decisions, and bring order to the entire buying process.


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  • Find A Home


    You've heard it before. When choosing your new home, consider three important factors: location, location and location. Choosing a home you can afford in a desirable location is a wise choice, both from a personal and financial perspective.

    Find A Neighborhood


    Next you'll want to define your needs, tastes and preferences for your new home. This is easier than it sounds when you use our Home Buyer's Needs Analysis, an integral part of the Home Buying System. It helps you quickly prioritize your requirements.

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    Now that you are ready to look for your home, you can use our extensive search tool to find homes on the market in your desired neighborhood.

    BOWES Home Search


    Touring homes is exciting, exhausting and after enough of them often confusing. By the end of the day, your memory may become fuzzy so you won't be able to remember if the house with the fabulous kitchen had three bedrooms or four, or which house had the spot for the garden you've always dreamed of. That's why we've developed the:

    Home Hunting Checklist
  • Make an Offer


    Time to make an offer. Your written proposal may include, but is not limited to, the property's address and legal description, sale price, terms, deposit, expiration date of the offer, prorating (adjustments) of utility bills, real estate taxes, insurance, conditions, repairs and any other terms that you deem important.

    What Does an Offer Contain? Negotiating Tips
  • Home Inspection


    Even if you've looked in every nook and cranny of the home you want to buy, we at BOWES Real Estate Real Living believe it's crucial for you to protect yourself by having a home inspection conducted when you purchase a home.

    Home Inspection
  • Obtain Financing


    Today, finding the right financing for a home purchase is as important as finding the right home. The only certainty in the mortgage market is change -- and finding the financing package that best suits your needs can be a complicated process.

    Buyer Financing
  • Closing


    Closing day is the day when you finally achieve your goal — you take legal possession and finally get to call your new house your own. You are sure to feel great relief and satisfaction but remember that the homebuying process isn't over just yet. There are quite a few things that need to be done on closing day.

    Closing the Deal
  • Moving


    The countdown to moving day starts weeks before the actual date. Be prepared by creating a moving calendar to make the big day as simple as possible.

    Plan a Moving Calendar

  • 360 Service Survey


    Our customer satisfaction surveys, provided to you upon transaction close, help us continually refine our customer focus and maintain high standards. Over time, all our customers will be given the chance to give input to help make us the best that we can be.

    360 Service Pledge