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Home Hunting Checklist



Make a list. Check it twice.

Touring homes is exciting, exhausting and – after enough of them – often confusing. By the end of the day, your memory may become fuzzy so you won't be able to remember if the house with the fabulous kitchen had three bedrooms or four, or which house had the spot for the garden you've always dreamed of.

That's why we've developed the BOWES Real Living Real Estate Home Hunting Checklist. Print extras so you can complete one for each home you tour and use it to track important details such as square footage, condition and age of the roof, and noise level of the neighborhood.

And while you're looking at the feature you want in a new home, be sure to step back and consider the bigger picture – the permanent attributes – of the house. Remember that while you can change superficial elements like wallpaper, paint color and window treatments, you shouldn't discount them completely. Keep in mind that even minor remodeling can cost both time and money. Conversely, don't let outward appearances alone keep you from a house that would otherwise be a perfect fit.

If you've taken good notes, your BOWES Real Living Real Estate Home Hunting Checklists will be a great tool moving forward in the home-buying process. Keep them handy, refer to them often and be sure to share them with your BOWES Real Living Real Estate agent so s/he can continually refine the types of homes s/he's researching for you.


The Home

 Square Footage  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Number of bedrooms  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Number of baths  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Practicality of floor plan  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Condition of interior walls  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Closet/storage space  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Basement  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Fireplace  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Cable TV  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Basement: dampness/odors  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Exterior appearance/condition  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Lawn/yard space  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Fence  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Patio/deck  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Garage  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Energy efficiency  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Screens/storm windows  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Roof: age, condition  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Gutters/downspouts  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor


The Neighborhood

 Nearby Homes/businesses      ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Traffic  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Noise Level  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Safety/security  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Age mix of inhabitants  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Number of children  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Pet restrictions  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Parking  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Zoning restrictions  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Neighborhood  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Restrictions/covenants  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Fire protection  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Police  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Snow removal  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Garbage removal  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor



 Age/condition                         ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Reputation  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Quality of teachers  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Achievement test scores  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Play areas  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Curriculum  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Class size  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Busing distance  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor


Convenience to...

 Supermarket                          ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Schools  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Work  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Shopping  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Child Care  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Hospitals  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Doctor/dentist  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Recreation/parks  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Church/synagogue  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Airport  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Highways  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 Public Transportation  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor


Other Attributes Important to Me...

 ____________                       ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 ____________  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 ____________  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 ____________  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 ____________  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor
 ____________  ___Good  ___Average  ___Poor