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Home Inspection



A Complete Home Physical

Even if you've looked in every nook and cranny of the home you want to buy, we at BOWES Real Living Real Estate believe it's crucial for you to protect yourself by having a home inspection conducted when you purchase a home. A professional assessment by a reputable home inspector could possibly uncover any problems (large or small), alerting you to any needed repairs and updates. With your BOWES Real Living Real Estate agent's help, you may even be able to negotiate for repair or replacement of items before the purchase is complete.

You'll have the opportunity to bring in a home inspector of your choosing once you've made your offer conditional upon a home inspection. The inspector will perform a comprehensive evaluation of the home and property, doing everything from testing outlets and faucets; to identifying signs of dampness, termites or carbon monoxide; to making sure walls are strong and windows are secure.

Hire an inspector you can count on

If you don't already have a particular inspector in mind, ask someone you trust for a reference. The inspection will cost several hundred dollars (actual cost depends on the size of the property and complexity of the report), so it's important that you feel confident about the person conducting it and the quality of his/her work. In fact, your BOWES Real Living Real Estate agent is a good resource for home inspection references, as he/she has undoubtedly worked with a number of quality inspectors.

It's best to schedule your home inspection during daylight hours. If possible, you and/or your BOWES Real Living Real Estate agent should attend; expect it to last from 2-4 hours, depending on the size of the home. And feel free to ask questions of the inspector - the more you know about your potential new home, the better.

Take care of repairs

The inspector should deliver a written report upon the completion of the home inspection. It's perfectly normal to have a handful of small issues that need attention or repair. Work with your BOWES Real Living Real Estate agent to decide which of these to ask the seller to handle or pay for, and which you'll handle yourself.

Here are a few sample repairs and their associated costs:

 Problems               Examples                                                   Costs
 Large-scale  heating, cooling, roofing, plumbing  $2,000-$7,000 
 Medium  insulation, paint  $500-$2,000
 Minor  electrical outlets, kitchen sinks  $100-$500

Remember there is no perfect home and even if your home inspector finds no serious problems, the inspection can pay off indirectly. In addition to identifying immediate-need repairs, you'll be alerted to future maintenance issues as well. It's always good to know up-front what to expect, and how much such repairs could cost.