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Role of Location



When buyers look at your home, they also consider the neighborhood. It plays a big role in how fast your home will sell – and how much you'll get for it.

Selling a home located in a desirable neighborhood will net you a much higher price than selling one in a less-than-optimal one. If your home is located in a "hot" neighborhood, that may increase your chances for a sale.

A desirable neighborhood usually exhibits these characteristics:

  • High or increasing property values
  • Reasonable commute and close proximity to employers, schools, hospitals, shopping and public facilities, like parks and community centers. 
  • Low crime rate. 
  • Well-planned traffic infrastructure. 
  • Well-maintained properties.
  • Higher percentage of owner-occupants. 
  • Well-regarded school district 

Be sure to maximize your home's curb appeal, and if your home is a bit better than other homes in the neighborhood, be prepared to compromise a bit on your asking price.

That's where we can help. Work with us to determine fair market value based on a Comparative Market Analysis of the homes in your neighborhood.