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Seller Agency



A seller’s agent represents you, the homeowner, during the home selling process. The agent has a fiduciary responsibility to represent only the home seller's best interest in all aspects of the home selling process. The seller’s agent must disclose to the owner any material information known to the agent.

A seller’s agent must provide the following:

  • Advice about the entire home-selling process
  • ​Exclusive representation with fiduciary responsibilities 
  • ​Confidentiality of all pertinent information 
  • Obtain the best possible price for your home
  • Verify the financial viability of all buyers
  • Negotiate the best possible agreement on your behalf
  • Interpretation of information
  • Sell in the shortest period of time
  • Do it with the least inconvenience to you
  • Seamless coordination of the closing process
  • A long-term relationship for future needs